CAE publishes original research focused on the full range of trends, issues, and challenges to entrepreneurship in America. This work informs the public, educates policymakers, and helps shape our policy agenda. CAE also serves as a resource to interpret and synthesize relevant research and ideas from academia and other institutions.

Thought leadership

CAE produces white papers, opinion pieces, social media postings, and other material intended to educate policymakers, the media, and the American public regarding the importance of entrepreneurship to the economy, the unique challenges and policy needs of American entrepreneurs, and ideas regarding how policymakers can address those challenges and needs.


Policymaker engagement

CAE engages and educates policymakers at the federal, state, and local levels regarding the critical importance of entrepreneurship to innovation, economic growth, and job creation, as well as common obstacles faced by entrepreneurs and their unique policy needs.

Policymaking support

CAE contributes letters, commentary, talking points, Congressional testimonies, and other substantive input to assist policymakers’ deliberation of, and action regarding, pro-entrepreneurship policies.


Relationship building

Policymaking is about ideas, people, and trust. CAE builds and maintains strong relationships with key Members of Congress and their staff, relevant Congressional committees, Administration officials, and regulatory agency personnel.

Stakeholder engagement

CAE organizes roundtables, conferences, symposia, and other events to bring together entrepreneurs, mentors and advisors, investors, other practitioners, academics, media, and policymakers to share experiences, information, resources, relationships, and best practices, and to educate these individuals about the critical economic role of new businesses.